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  Ways to Participate  
  • Scientists are invited to develop projects in association with OSARA and its local partners, including such areas as ornithology, bryology, limnology, ethnography, ethnobotany and other multidisciplinary approaches.  In return OSARA offers assistance in developing your research and the expertise in the sub-Antarctic region to carry it out.  Plus, by creating and maintaining information and databases, OSARA will in the future be an importance source of baseline data and diffusion of information.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in field courses and as interns in natural history and environmental ethics coordinated by OSARA in conjunction with partner universities. A major goal of OSARA is to create a human resources necessary to address issues in the sub-Antarctic region.  To that end we are carrying out our first university level field course in the fall of 2005.  For more information please see Pilot Field Course where you can also read updates from the studentsdiaries.
  • Volunteers are always welcome to contribute their time and resources to ongoing projects in Cape Horn.  An important part of our informal education efforts will be to facilitate volunteer contributions of time that in return help other activities, such as research, by providing the people power necessary to conduct field work.
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